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Nalubega Angle’s Success Story

  • November 11, 2023

‘We are being given a new life, beginning’ a statement from Ms. Nalubega Angel a member of MustaredSeed Book Makers group in Lutisi Parish. Aged 18years, Angel is one of the pioneer members we mobilized to embrace the Economic Empowerment and Self-Reliance Project being implemented in Namayumba Sub County. 

‘When I was mobilized by my area local council chairperson to attend the trainings, I didn’t know that it would put me in a strategic position as a group leader’. Angel has attended all the community trainings and she has demonstrated much learning and enlightenment ever since the organization started engaging them in community trainings.

Angel like other girls in the community got married when she dropped out of school as she stated, ‘I am a primary six dropout, I didn’t get a chance of finishing the primary level’. This she stressed that her parents had no means of keeping her in school as she was always sent back home for school fees and other school requirements. As this went on, she got frustrated and started skipping classes until she eventually dropped out.

‘To some point I regret dropping out of school, but also at the same time I was so frustrated since it embarrassed me being chased back home for fees.’ She further added. In 2020 during the COVID lockdown, Angel got married to Mr. Makoba Charles, a boda boda rider within Lutisi Parish with hopes of being cared for and for the fact that she was not attending school anymore. ‘Getting married was the only solution in waiting and when Charles presented himself, he saved me the burden of keeping home with my parents’.

Just like any other young married couple, Angela and her husband experienced a lot of challenges like domestic violence and she appreciated the fact that Extend A Life Initiative Uganda mobilized them to attend an awareness session on ending domestic violence as she states ‘Ffe twekubanga era tukyalwana olusi’ literally meaning ‘We used to fight a lot and we still fight sometimes’ something she pointed out as a big hinderance to their progress.

She was so appreciative of the organization for inviting her husband and herself to attend the sessions and ever since that time a lot has changed in their marriage. ‘He now respects me and I respect him, yes there are still some challenges but at least its not like the way it was before!’ Angel further noted.

‘This is a new beginning in my life and I am happy to be part of the team of girls attending this program’ Angel stated. Angel is one of the girls that have taken keen interest in the community trainings and has been elevated  as a group leader in MustaredSeed Book Makers group where she serves as the Treasurer.

The organization also registered their self-help group with Namayumba Epicentre Saving , Credit and Cooperative Society as full members of the SACCO with shares and membership cards. ‘I have never imagined being a member of a SACCO, I give all the credit to ELI-Ug and its donor’. Angel further pointed out. Like any other member of the SACCO, Angel can now save with the SACCO and in future will qualify for loans to invest in their local businesses.  The organization also gave Angel a piggybank to help her with her individual saving culture.

‘I will make sure that I save, encourage others to save so that we can move our group and business forward, this is what I called a new beginning’. Angel stressed. Like other community girls that didn’t have an opportunity to go to finish school, Angel hopes to resume school when she makes more money for their group business as she further stated ‘I know it’s a bit hard, but I hope to resume school when we save or maybe when I am given another opportunity by well wishers to support my dream of resuming school’.

The organization commits to support Angel in realizing her vision because of the commitment she has expressed throughout our community engagements.

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