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A youth led Community Based Organization started and registered in 2018 working through an integrated approach to advocate for improved and healthy livelihoods of community marginalized groups not limited to; Sex Workers, Adolescent girls and child mothers, Women and girls living with Albinism in the rural and Peri-urban Districts of Uganda.

The organization operates in the Districts of Wakiso, Luwero, Kampala, Mubende and Mukono.


A world where all marginalized groups lead a fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.


To empower community marginalized groups through quality education, quality health care services, economic empowerment to achieve sustainable development in their respective communities.


We treat all individuals with dignity, respect and compassion
We operate with utmost transparency, clarity, tranquility and we stand by our promises and responsibilities.
We treat all individuals with dignity, respect and compassion
We foster creative, novel and ground breaking approaches to carry out our mission.
We operate with clear feedback, prompt responses and consistency in involving all stake holders while keeping them informed financially, socially and programmatically.
We value community input and collaboration with community-based leaders, local and central government leadership as well as for profit and not for profit-government organization partners.
In ending stigma and discrimination;

Extend A Life Initiative Uganda strives to ensure the fundamental involvement of the discriminated and underserved rural and peri-urban community marginalized groups who have often been left out of national planning, implementation, development, health, human rights and service provision programs in Uganda.

This realized through ensuring improved access to information, human rights awareness development programs, health services and social economic strengthening in our areas of operation with the major focus on rural areas.

Thematic Programs:

Through our Five catalytic programs on Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy, Sexual Reproductive Health, Economic Empowerment, Climate Change and Environment Advocacy Program and Partnership Building and Referral, the organization has been able to mobilize, train and empower community marginalized groups in the rural and peri-urban districts of Uganda to enable them to live a life of dignity and self-reliance in their respective communities.

The organization has also established strong partnerships with the like-minded organizations, government agencies and private service providers in the country with the aim of respecting and protecting the rights of the marginalized groups in the country.

Human Rights
Reproductive Health
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  • Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services program:

    This program seeks to advocate for equal and inclusive reproductive health rights, access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and gender equality for the community marginalized groups through setting up of safe spaces at community health centers in rural and Peri- urban Districts of Uganda.

    The project emphasizes the engagement and contribution of community marginalized groups in accessing and utilization of Sexual Reproductive Health Services in their respective communities as a way of reducing HIV and AIDS prevalence rate and other STDS, addressing Intimate Partner Violence as well as challenging stigma and discrimination on the bases of Sexual Orientation through mind-set and behavioral change strategies.

  • Economic Empowerment Program;

    Unemployment of marginalized individuals remains one of the key issues faced by such groups in Uganda. Through this program, the organization mobilizes and empowers community marginalized groups and individuals particularly the youths by providing them with Practical skills, knowledge and appropriate information regarding employment and social entrepreneurship and developing their personal and professional skills in relation to the labor market.

    Furthermore through social enterprise trainings, the organization enables these youths to create their own workplace through social entrepreneurship and become economically self- dependent employers who can operate independently and can provide mutual assistance to the other community members.

  • Climate Change and Environment Advocacy Program

    This program expresses the connection between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, at the same time as contributing to the continuing national efforts to promote gender marginalized communities in socio-economic development.

    Fine practices picked to illustrate how marginalized communities can be integrated into climate change adaptation practices to reduce community’s vulnerabilities to the impact of climate change and weather- related disasters, paying consideration in particular to agricultural growers’ needs and priorities.

  • Alliance Building, Partnerships and referral Program:

    The organization through partnership building, advocacy and referral seeks to work with likeminded organization in advocating and advancing the rights and freedoms of community marginalized groups and individuals both at the national and international level.

    Through referrals, the organization networks with community health centers, established safe spaces and Most at Risk Population health facilities like Alive Medical Services, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) and others to administer expert care and treatment for community marginalized groups in all our designated regions of operation.

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