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Financial Literacy Training Kanziro , Kitayita, Bembe, parishes

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After conducting a successful economic needs assessment in Nakedde, Kitayita, Bembe, and Kanziro parishes of Namayumba Sub County, Wakiso district, it was identified that bar soap making, book making, tailoring, and bakery were the preferred income-generating skills by the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries in Kanziro parish specifically chose fashion & tailoring as their preferred income-generating activity.

The objective was to provide the beneficiaries with robust financial literacy training to equip them with the necessary knowledge to access savings and credit facilities for their chosen entrepreneurial skills. A loans officer from Namayumba Epicentre Saving, Credit, and Cooperative Society was invited to share expertise in financial literacy.

  • Mobilize and train 25 child mothers and young women at risk in Nakedde parish by August 17, 2023.
  • Orient and induct tailoring and bakery groups on the benefits of registering and saving with SACCOs.
  • Out of the targeted 20 beneficiaries, 23 participated in the financial literacy training (115% turnout).
  • All participants were child mothers and young women at risk (100% of direct target).
  • All participants embraced the concept of saving with SACCOs.
  • 23 participants committed to saving before spending.
  • 2 saving groups were created and registered, covering tailoring and soap making.
  • The groups were sensitized about potential markets for their products.
  • Participants demonstrated understanding of financial literacy concepts.
24 out of the 28 participants were child mothers and young women at risk
Recommendations & Lessons :
  • Learner-centered approaches are more effective than lectures.
  • Consistent engagement with beneficiaries improves mobilization.
  • Higher retention rates among initial project members lead to continuous knowledge application.
  • Clear and respectful communication enhances learning and time management.
  • Provide caretakers or nursery facilities during financial training to assist mothers with young children.
  • Implement activities in between trainings to keep beneficiaries engaged.
24 out of the 28 participants were child mothers and young women at risk
As we close


Through this financial literacy training, we aimed to empower child mothers and young women at risk with the knowledge and skills needed for economic independence and self-reliance. This initiative was a vital step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter future for these resilient individuals.
24 Child Mothers Supported

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